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Kot Dunara, Jodhpur

A Castle Homestay

Kot Dunara is a Castle Homestay in Rajasthan, in a small village called Dhundhara near Jodhpur. This season, escape the hustle and bustle of the city and head to Kot Dunara for a peaceful getaway. Kot Dunara is sure to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul.

For an intimate and indwelling experience of Rajasthan’s warm hospitality and rich culture, there’s perhaps no better way than a leisurely stay at Kot Dunara. Experience the best offbeat holiday destination, book a stay and explore Dhundhara.

The Kot

Be charmed by the stories that lay in store at this Boutique Heritage Homestay in a little Rajasthani village. Dhundhara has withstood the test of time. From unknown antiquity going far beyond a thousand years.


The village of Dhundhara stood strong against attack from Shahbaaz Khan (Emperor Akbar’s General) to being plundered by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, during the Marwar war.

The British Raj changed its original name from Dhundhara to Dunara.


In Rajasthan, Rawla or Kot refers to the home of the local chief and most villages will have one. The first of the family to inherit the Kot was Thakur Bhabhoot Singh, a hundred and eighty years ago, who restored the grand entrance to where it stands today, and six generations down the line, the family has opened its doors for you. Take a guided walk around Dhundhara to experience pure Rajasthan at this boutique heritage homestay.


The Rajputs have left a strong mark in Indian history. They have always supported the vibrant heritage so that art, music, and sculpture would flourish. The Rathore Rajput warrior clan stands strong keeping their inherited virtues of courage, chivalry, and most of all hospitality.

Forget about the every day and drift away in Dhundhara’s history at this Boutique homestay.


The grand bastions welcome you to this ancient Kot, which has been opened up for you as a boutique heritage hotel. The opulence of the entrance is inverse to the rustic simplicity inherent in the earth of Rajasthan used to build this boutique homestay. The Thakur family has lovingly looked after the Kot for over hundred and eighty years, though its existence is estimated to be over a thousand years.

The very distinct arts of Rajasthan still exist in this little corner because of the Thakur family. The ancient loom, and the handmade crafts are being preserved at Dhundhara, away from the fast moving life outside.


Glance into a time lost and see the real artisans and craftsmen, on whose shoulders stands the opulence you see in Rajasthan. Let this boutique homestay in Rajasthan, immerse you in its history, culture and adventure. Come book a stay at the Kot.

Come feel Rajasthan.


Our Rooms

Unwind and escape from the everyday rush, as you get comfortable in our lovingly furnished en suites. Each of the four rooms which are equipped with modern amenities, open up onto a large Indian verandah that overlooks a sprawling garden perfect for afternoon tea.

You’ll never be out of nooks and crannies to drift away into a book or catch a leisurely nap on an Indian Charpoy (traditional daybed) at this heritage property of Rajasthan.

Kot Dunara gives you a holistic experience of Rajasthan. From the food to the finer details like the linen, which are locally sourced, and bath linen being made of pure cotton

226 Sqft || Double Bed  || 4 Units Available


En Suite Bathroom


Fresh Linens


Handmade Toiletries

Smart TV

Mini Fridge


King Size Bed



Tea & Coffee Station

Services & Amenities

Free Parking

Currency Exchange

Free WiFi

Laundry Service

Non-smoking Rooms

Daily Housekeeping


Travel Desk

Taxi Service

Breakfast Available

Swimming Pool

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